Built in 2016

the body is a block of mahogany, the rest of the wooden pieces were bought at bricodépôt

the metal decoration elements come from a toaster

the micro(& electronics), the mechanics, the ropes guide and the bridge were recovered on my first electric (yamaha pacifica) or other guitars


Built in 2020

the body was cut in a one-piece mahogany, I wanted to mix a jazzmaster and firebird shapes

I paid for 2 gibson vintage pickups that sound really great! I made THE famous Jimmy Page wiring with many positions and combinable via push-pull pots (series/parallel; humbuckers splitables and positions out of-phase

the neck was bought with a head "paddle" which I cut into an inverted fender shape

I had at the time the congratulations of luthier of Sommières!! (Guitares Barry)


modified 2019

I started trying to make sounds with a bow in 2016 but between collophane rosin that rots the strings, the use of non-standard string sets and tunings (like for a slide) I could really exploit this tool by customizing a dedicated guitar to it

a used low-end Lag (and very ugly one!): body cut, mechanical, strings guide & bridge changed; a single pickup with metal like high gain (Entwistle UK pickups: unbeatable quality/price ratio!)

the action of the strings which is high and the cutting of the body facilitate the movements of the bow, it remains to find the alternative tunings and effectsto add so that it do sounds!!


modified in 2018 and then in 2022

I had bought a used Chinese modernplayer telecaster around 2015, super neck and looked great but I was not a fan of pickups sunding, first modif with "ENTWISTLE UK pickups" (2 P90, a TELE type handle and a wiring inspired by a jazzmaster) and the installation of a TREMOLO BAR. I finally decided to put two vintage Fender jaguar pickups with the wiring of this model inluding 1Mo pots...

ORPHEUS / bulgarie années 70

I then sold it (Poor playable...) it was kiond of a jazzmaster soviet imitation

I had to replace the original pots, the pickups (huge like everything on this guitar!!! ) worked, I replaced the 5-point DIN output (Soviet standards;) by a standard jack plugg

HOHNER "custom dobro resonator"

a beginner one from the 800's, liked its look

added a resonator kit & a pickup from my fender coronado

FRAMUS 5/1 de 1959

guitars made in Germany that are often find used in more or less good condition...this one was for pieces: no more bridge and the top table broke in several pieces

I managed to replace it with a maple table, added a floating jazz like bridge and I electrified it with a telecaster pickup, the table is painted/varnished using cellulosic bomb

Unfortunately, I had to fire the frets beyond the 12th one otherwise they crackled...

NORMAN B20 1980

A "good" Martin-like acoustic (made in Canada)

I found it in 2015 in a cashshop in a near death state: after a big cleaning, the bridge glued, calibrated boneslike string guides, the mechanics changed and a vintage strat pickup it really sounds good!


bought in Pigalle in 2003: one of my very first guitars! I still play it a lot, it has experienced different paintings and sandings... (from l. to r.: 2022, 2004 & 2010)

I added a fender FIDELTRON pickup, recently I added in addition a piezo Schaller inner pickup glued under the bridge to be able to make loops of percussive sounds with my hand: "solo live looping" to come...