I (finally) got my first guitar in December 98, an electric one (yamaha pacifica)! I found tablatures in the library, "guitar parts" also from friends in high school

By doing that 100% of the time I learnt relatively quickly and between February and April I record using a stereo with two tapes compartments (which allows me to record up to 2 guitars and a ping-pong voice) no settings/effects of course, and a "karaoke" microphone from a playschool game....


mostly covers ("the needle & the damage done" by Neil Young being the first) and gradually more and more originals.


juillet 99 (16 ans)

avril 2000 (Lyon)

I would use this method for two years.

I did 5 "demos" tapes and 41 originals.

In the meantime I bought a Zoom multi pedal FX that will allow me a lot of sound testing and gain in creativity. i was very lucky to find a huge head amp with its HP in the street: a "Mi TRAFFIC" 150Watts with transistor (it was a French brand in the 70s).

In 2001 I bought a 4 tracks tape recorder (Tascam), these devices had their glory time for amateurs in 70's to early 90's and began to be replaced (8 digital tracks, first software...)

I recorded with it until 2010. It allowed from the 4 tracks and the technique of ping-pong to create songs with "many" layers of guitars and voivces. I could even add echo on the voice with my multiFX zoom inserted: the dream!

"a few days" compo à Rennes - 2006

I used it at boarding school during my 2years diploma and then when I went back to my brother's home in Colombes; it is in this context that I wrote the song "Home&Away" during a volunteer staying in England in spring 2003, the title will remain!

2006-2012 I live in Sète, I only have my acoustic guitar and a small amp; I would record only about fifteen tracks during these 6 years "Got what you said" was part of it.


pochette de K7 (Rennes - 2006)

enregistrements à Sète dans mon studio au sens immobilier(2010)

In 2004 I am in Rennes, period kinda "watered" but also very productive in songs and so in tapes!

2012, I move to Montpellier, part of the living room is occupied by my equipment. Tapes had become rare and expensive to buy, going back again to start in MAO I buy an 8 digital tracks recorder, I start writing a lot again, I buy a VoxAC4, a bass, a Boss DR880 drummachine, a Mindprint preamp, an AKGp120 condenser microphone and an Arturia microbrute (analog synth).

With the 8tracks digital quality is not really that better especially because of the limited mixing/editing possibilities.

In 2014 we are going this time on Marsillargues, a year later I embark on the MAO adventure: the "studio" is still in the living room but appear: PC, screen, sound card and small monitoring speakers.

That’s when I started buying extra guitars, a MIDI keyboard is added... . I make my first CDs: this "the inner Killers" this is where my "discography" begins on Bandcamp.com, a production that will gradually grow.

We move to Aigues-Vives in 2017 and I can "build" my first real home studio. In addition it is the drums the great novelty, at the start a snare, a hithat and a crash, the cajon acts as a kik. Later will gradually add a ride, other crashes and toms, I would make a kik drum from a 16inches tom putting proper skins. The number of microphones increases in proportion to the number of bargains: Rode NT1a (voice & bass), Audix D6 (kik); a second p120 (overheads and acoustics), an octava MK012 (snare drum and guitar amps).

Drums also means a minimum of sound insulation, using a lot of acoustic foams and volumes cobbled together from various fabrics and materials.We can guess in the photos the telecaster and the mustang in early... versions...! Also guitars sold since (epiphone ea250, Eko Ranger12, Giannini Craviola12, grestsch...)

This Home-studio allows me to discover and test many things in terms of sound recordings and musical production as a whole. Just the fact of being able to mix everything with speakers and not with headphones helps to improve the result. I work on instrument, amps and pedals settings, I try different positions and microphone combinations, values of preamps and compressors at the socket etc. I would keep many of these methods afterwards to gain speed/quality and be able to concentrate on the music itself.


January 2020 i lose the nest of Aigues-vives: the well named "rue Basse" welcomes me on Brignon

A 9m2 room will be my new homestudio. I reuse all the foams, carpets, fabrics but above all I split the floor and half of the walls with plywood plates fixed on blocks of about 15cm of anti-vibration rubber (kind for washing machines).

the rhymes of the eponymous title "rue basse" came from that:

"maybe will you come visit me/ not to make noise I remain vigilant/ do not want the neighbors disturbed/ I have raised the floor/ these walls and ceilings doubled/ take refuge in my small nest made of acoustic foam/ to erase bad frequencies and let my electric guitars/ suround me with their psychedelic melodies/ and make me maybe at night forget all your absence/ and give some lines against all these silences

gear remains roughly the same and I go on more than ever on writing and recordings.

In 2 years will be released 5 CDs for 89 tracks.

since March 2022 and the last CD ("big children") I decided to have a break with the idea of finding a renewal/digestion of all these sounds. I want to try to find new tracks, with maybe others inspiration and sounding

i also at that time focused on the graphic novel "la cendre des villes", although I continued to record but this time chosen titles between 2000 & 2013: "mr gé se reprend" will be its title, the circle is complete!!! )